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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Auto Fish Rig test

A while back I was experimenting on setting up simple fish rigs to put in the background of a few shots in the trailer. I was looking for a setup where I would only have to pull a single control around to animate the whole fish. This would make them very fast to animate to an acceptable level so I can spend my time polishing the character animation. The preliminary results do leave something to desired, but I thought I'd share my first proof of concept.

For the more technical readers, the fish's deformation is driven by sets of dynamic hair curves generated in maya. Those curves drive spline IKs on the joints to which the meshes are skinned. Once the trailer is released, I'll take some time to go more into a few of the interesting rigs that Dave Suroviec and I designed for this project.

And lastly, I added a little widget on the right side of this blog for those of you who actually follow this thing. So I can get a better idea of how many of you are out there, take your clicking finger over to the FOLLOW THIS BLOG link and show your ninja spirit.

The starfish thanks you. And then disappears in a poof of shimmering smoke.


Jamal said...

You should also check out Google analytics if you haven't yet. You'll get great statistics about your site.

Joe Daniels said...

Good point. I already have Analytics, but it doesn't give any information about subscribers, that I can find. Google Reader lets me do this, but I also like the fact that the Followers widget allows people interested in this blog to connect to the other followers. Thanks for the comment!

Trane said...

you should throw some tracks frtom the band SFN in your videos, to jazz things up a bit.