Watch the teaser trailer HERE!

Teaser Trailer

Here it is!  I'm excited to share with you a project I have been developing in the off hours for nearly 7 years.  And I could not have completed it without the efforts of a handful of talented artists.

Maybe your first reaction is, "I want to know what it's about!"  Starfish Ninja is an action/adventure story about a lonely, young starfish tasked with saving the world.  The catch is that he doesn't want to.  His dream is to become a Ninja and travel the seas doing whatever he wants.

Now, I want to tell you more, really I do, but I'd rather show you.  Pass this video along to whoever you think might enjoy it, and help me take this to the next level.  We have a number of cool things bubbling over in the depths of my secret lab, so keep watching this blog for behind the scenes blurbs, or follow the Starfish on his Facebook page.

Thanks for watching!