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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Voice Acting audition

We're having our first audition for voice actors on the show, which is really exciting.  I'm casting for the voice of the Starfish (main character) and his ninja master Sensei Onami, as well as a few other background characters, and will be meeting up in Emeryville tomorrow.

The Starfish Ninja - our main character is a young teenage male.  Though he's intense and tries to sound tough, he comes across spunky and endearing, almost cute.  He's a people watcher and a deep thinker when alone - which is most of the time, but around others he's quick to action and insecure.  He's a bit like Po from Kung Fu Panda in energy and passion for martial arts, but less goofy.

Master Onami - a wise, old asian master character with a strong yet humble voice and a "girly", but not scary, laugh.  Much like Mr. Miyagi or Yoda he is a warm friendly character. We're not quite sure if he is brilliant or clinically insane half of the time.  Emotionally if he's not acting over-the-top silly, he's flat and almost stoic.  His laid back attitude is a stark contrast to that of the starfish.

If I don't find what I'm looking for tomorrow, I will hold another audition at a later date, so if you're interested and feel that you can create something original for these characters, drop me a line!

josephsdaniels (at) gmail (dot) com


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