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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Progress Update!

So after a couple years of focusing my energy on my family and paid work (with little to no progress on this project) I'm happy to say that in a couple months all visual elements should be finished for the teaser trailer!

(color key from teaser trailer)

I will be directing the Group Project class at Ex'pression College in the coming term where the students will focus on building assets, shading, animating, lighting, and compositing the final piece.  This should mean great things for the quality of the project overall and I'm excited to get started.  I'll post the highlights on this blog once the class is under way.  As soon as I find a composer and get this thing all edited together, look for the trailer here on this blog in the coming months.

So to the exactly six people who follow this blog, stay tuned.  It's gonna happen.  It's gonna be awesome.

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